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Officer did not people call the shots

Le 27 August 2014, 05:48 dans Humeurs 0

e son of a village chief lavish wedding party by warning; Party branch secretary in Inner Mongolia, Tongliao, a village of the same subject as do sons wedding warning; Liaoning Discipline Bulletin of the six cases of discipline cases, 3 cases held studies Feast, two from the big way weddings, a play make arrangements for Full Moon Feast. And, by the process of cadres mostly village party branch secretary, village director.Thus seen, grassroots cadres living in among the people, the villagers organized home weddings activities, they will with the ceremony, hit home until things naturally entertain friends and family. The problem is that these cadres got some power, not sure who to give them with the ritual, how many are out of human contact, how much is the opportunity to bribe. From investigating corruption cases in recent years, the use of the Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and other traditional festivals bribery, are not uncommon. And precisely because of grassroots cadres living among the people, they use human contact big money most likely to arouse public anger, corrupt too far away, in front of face flies flutter feeling, causing more people to resonate.Officer did not people call the shots, as home to sell sweet potatoes. Today, for some grass-roots cadres, have been alienated into an officer not benefit, democratic evaluation could not pass, and some officials do everything possible for the benefit of workers. Science and Technology Museum in Beijing's Fengtai District, the entire staff of the organization to use research funds in the disguise of public funds for travel tourism, responsible person and therefore subject to party warning. Similarly, the General Hospital of Jilin Oilfield leaders and middle-level cadres use the occasion 赴港澳旅游 fairs, so by the party and government discipline. Jilin Province Planning Bureau Hun Bureau deputy director to visit in the name of public funds to travel, be removed from office processing, repaying the disciplinary section. Founder County, H

eilongjiang Province Supervision Authority violations of price subsidies, by the party warning.By treatment cadres, accounting for a significant proportion of illegal use of the bus. Shanxi Datong Mining Act violations, vice president of enforcement cases the parties borrowed vehicles, subject to administrative warning. Xinzhou City Baode County Public Security Bureau, a clerk Gongjusiyong director, car accident, a serious warning by the party. Luliang City Industrial and Commercial Director Xingxian a Gongchesiyong by administrative warning.Therefore, change the fly-bashing face situation, in addition to emphasis on discipline, we should also get rid of the Romans, reciprocity, ways of the world of unspoken rules. Avoid handling is grasping bad mentality, Delicate gas is blown, self-discipline and clean fresh air in politics.Observation of anti-corruption, the rule of law is not missing coordinates. In this regard it, kick the tires of the anti-corruption issue does not exist, can not say that corruption has played a deterrent effect, and it beat a retreat.Recently, the Central Discipline Inspection Commission official website announced that the Shanxi Provincial Committee and Party Secretary Chen Chuan-ping and Taiyuan, Shanxi Provincial Committee and Secretary nike free run 3 femmeGeneral Nie Chunyu alleged serious violation of the law, the organization is currently undergoing investigation. The latest news last night is yes, then remember Taiyuan police chief Liu was removed from office for investigation. So far, the Shanxi provincial officials surveyed reached five. In this context, Shanxi became eighteen since been investigated up to the provincial level officials of the provinces.Round of Shanxi Tiger, public opinion repercussions caused by very strong. Matter to be expected, but also in the unexpected. Not surprisingly, because for a long time, people on the severity of the corruption of some officials in Shanxi, already heard, people want through a thorough anti-corruption, all of these shady opened. The reason why public opi

nion also feel suddenly, perhaps because many people did not think the commission in Shanxi playing Tiger, the rhythm is so fast, and, once again two provincial officials.July 29, after the publication Zhou Yongkang case, appeared on a variety of arguments about the corruption of society, end corruption theory, anti-corruption inflection point theory, anti-corruption fighting back and so on have been released. No matter where these voices come from, probably only one of its objectives, that is, the current anti-corruption action, almost, a collection of the revenue. The logic behind it is nothing more than asking everyone of corruption still exists to compromise, or even to maintain the moderately tolerant. In this regard, the commission's action is the best answer for all kinds of arguments.Plus Chen Chuan-ping, Nie Chunyu, and above provincial and ministerial level officials being investigated since eighteen, has reached 41 people. Many provinces, departments, provincial officials were sacked. asics gel noosa tri 8 chaussuresPerhaps, according to some people consider to be anti-corruption rules After this round of anti-corruption sacrifice a vice chairman of the CPPCC, the local can cross the border, while others may be problematic provincial officials on the security of the. This view can not be said that luck still remains the anti-corruption eighteen since as a political movement, but did not read, or do not want to believe that the release of the central policy signals. This lack of vision of both the rule of law, rule of law and lack of thinking, therefore, it does not advance the anti-corruption as an important means of Rule of Law.Although corruption is high pressure, temporary, a temporary rule should be thoroughly, did not miss a corrupt, cure can reap results, which also is the root to gain time, but the cure is rule of law and therefore  symptoms of the policy is also in line with the spirit of the rule of law when the mind.Observation of anti-corruption, the rule of law is not missing coordinates. In this regard it, kick the tires

the treatment of a rare disease

Le 27 August 2014, 05:48 dans Humeurs 0

of the anti-corruption issue does not exist, can not say that corruption has played a deterrent effect, and it beat a retreat. It will only repeat past the old anti-corruption rally, so the law into disrepute.In the context of the rule of law, and only if contrary to law and order problems faced by anti-corruption and discipline violations in question has not been found. Thus, there is no fly, the difference between tiger, but would not say, in accordance with the so-called quotas, targets hit, Tiger, not because of a few places have been wiped out, Tiger, thus  officialdom peace. The Central Discipline Inspection Commission in Shanxi turns smitten once again demonstrated strong anti-corruption stance. This is for discipline inspection at all levels supervise the system, but also involved in corruption of some officials warned not to leave things to chance, is not checked, but not the time.This fiscal accounting wife wins storm of the original judge Zhou, whether or not in the case of the trial phase, with his wife accounted for nike free run 2 achetermoney deliberate, its deep involvement in the case of the implementation phase has clearly violated the Code of Civil Procedure on avoidance regime.According to reports, recently, concern Hunan Yongzhou lengshuitan District People's Court to settle a lawsuit by former judge accused Zhou accounting wife wins money issue, with the survey results.Earlier media reports, former judge Zhou, one side is a party to a forest Pingmou wife's lover (and later became her husband married), one side is the judge of first instance stage of divorce disputes, and later transferred to the personal involvement of the Executive Board divorce judgment enforced. In this regard, the official informed that the judge Zhou as divorce disputes stage the judge of first instance, in the work of the Executive Board and transferred after the Pingmou married, the case is still actively involved in the implementation, should be avoided and not avoided, the adverse impact of the decision given expelled from the party, whil

e the judge revoked its duties transferred from the courts.People's Republic of China Civil Procedure Law Article 44 provides for several situations that judges should be avoided, except for a party to the case or litigation representative close relatives, it also includes interest in the case or and party to the case, legal representatives have other relationships that may impact on the impartiality of the trial. scenario.Of course, as this incident judges Zhou parties, it seems my heart is not quite convinced, because according to his own account, the initial media coverage and the fact that much discrepancy. First, the law does not require him to his ex-wife and the parties can not be a forest Pingmou marriage;, when he married Pingmou from the beginning of the second trial that has passed since the divorce case for several years.Fair to look, the information disclosed current view, accusing the former judge in the first instance stage Zhou divorce dispute cases with the parties to the ex-wife of a forest Pingmou malicious hook string, and wife wins accounted for money, apparently did not How much basis for speculation or nike free 5.0 hommeinterpretation of the composition of the majority. Because there is at least a possibility that when Zhou trial of the case and Pingmou not familiar or established lovers. Of course, if Zhou was indeed already identified and Pingmou lovers, there is no doubt that he violated the Code of Civil Procedure on avoidance system.And, of course, there is no law which prohibits his party to the case and its contractors have been married, but Zhou after marriage is still involved in the enforcement of the judgment of the work in this case, obviously inappropriate. According to the official notification, Zhou and Pingmou after marriage is still actively involved in the implementation of this case, and so invited heavy criticism, is it love to the depths of lust Intention to establish a judicial challenge system that is appropriate in order to prevent unjust law, judicial corruption. Law as a public inst

itution, public control of public, to enforce the law is fundamental judicial ethics, which is the bottom line, but also the red line, no one can do special.In this regard, this storm from the original judge Zhou, whether or not in the case of the trial phase, with his wife accounted for money deliberate, its deep involvement in the case of the implementation phase has clearly violated the Code of Civil Procedure on avoidance system. So sleepy, judge revoked and removed from the court office, it really should be.Ice Bucket Challenge are popular, but the United States State Department, the Department of Defense and the House of Representatives recently issued a notice prohibiting government officials, military personnel and members to participate on the grounds that contrary to charitable activities in support of specific duties ethics. In China, some people question the Ice Bucket Challenge has become a show of some people, but for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis help and attention is difficult to achieve the desired effect.Rescue rare disease, to bucket is more to MedicareChina rare diseases up to tens of millions of people a year, the cost of treatment varies from patient to hundreds of thousands, as many as a million, can be seen private donations for the nike free 4.0 v2 femmetreatment of rare diseases, is basically inadequate.Designed to help people getting cold ice bucket Challenge was introduced into China since a time swept the country.Rescue rare disease, of course, is a much-needed private donations to broaden the channels, but should also be seen from the experience of many countries and regions, the private donations can only be a secondary, the rare diseases into the health insurance and commercial insurance, in order to rare disease most solid to rely on.Treatment of rare diseases, the cycle is very long, with people getting cold symptoms, for example, the treatment of this disease no matter how the final results are getting worse, is a bottomless pit filled up. Rare disease medication abroad called orphan drugs, prices ar

high temperatures and low rainfall

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e mostly extremely expensive, such as the treatment of a rare disease called Gaucher disease, a 400 ml of the drug on more than twenty thousand a year down have over two hundred million.Media reports said, porcelain doll bucket challenge initiated after receipt of contributions over two million, told, may not be enough Gaucher patients a year for drugs expenditure, Chinese rare diseases up to tens of millions of people , a patient's treatment costs as little as a year hundreds of thousands, as many as a million, can be seen private donations for the treatment of rare diseases, the basic is inadequate. Not to mention, charitable new balance 996 femmeconsciousness of the Chinese people is far from mature, think through charitable fundraising, raising long-term, stable funding for rare disease treatment, is simply impossible.It is precisely because, although the ice bucket is the fire of charity, but many rare diseases and industry insiders, not to talk about it, they care about is that when the rare disease treatment can be incorporated into Medicare.It should be said that in recent years due to a rare disease problems frequently been public concern, the treatment of some rare diseases are included in the Medicare reimbursement. In Shanghai and other places, also issued a special local mutual fund rare disease and reimbursement policies. Overall, however, be Medicare blessing of a rare disease, is still a tiny minority. And even into the health insurance of rare diseases, reimbursement restrictions also very strict, such as youth Parkinson's disease, surgery may be reimbursed for the cost of only a few million, but several hundred thousand dollars of medical devices must be installed, and more than a thousand a month drugs, you need at their own expense.In many countries and regions, the treatment of rare diseases not only be included in health insurance, and personal burden rarely, for example in accordance with the United States, a rare disease drug law, the country enjoys rare diseases government health care programs and commercial

insurance double protection.From genetics, the rare genetic disease or physical fitness, is retained in the race overall genetic data library, randomly falls in some people. Therefore, the treatment of rare diseases, related to the public interest, a rare disease fully integrated into health insurance, can not be delayed.Why American Civil banned Ice Bucket Challenge If public servants ALS Association of American ice bucket challenge activities to support, which means the organizers favor and attention, may constitute a snub to other charitable organizations.Obama refused to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge spread, and asked other government leaders as such, at the same time, the U.S. State Department also sends the message to all non-confidential diplomatic institutions that participate in ice bucket Challenge diplomats suspected of self-serving to the public , in violation of federal law. Congress elected officials is also limited participation in the challenge, the House Ethics Manual lists a series of provisions to limit charitable endorsement penalties including dismissal, warnings, fines or other appropriate new balance 501 pas chersanctions.Why do good Shi Yi could become personal gain  Because public servants if the American ALS Association of Ice Bucket Challenge organized support, means that the organizers of favor and attention, may constitute a snub to other charitable organizations. After participating in an ice bucket challenge, which means you might come upon someone to fight, just as former United States President George W. Bush to accept the challenge of donated money, naming Clinton to fight, while the United States Civil Service Code of Ethics clearly says not encouraging, indicating, Forced or ask others to engage in or subordinate official or legal regulations do not allow outside activities. United States attaches great importance to the civil service ethics. In 1883 the U.S. Congress passed the Peng Hamilton Law, marking the establishment of the civil service system in the United States. Since then, the U.S.

professional ethics of civil servants in general are on the right track, and gradually formed a relatively complete system of civil service ethics. 1970s, the U.S. government's series of unethical behavior, such as Watergate, Iran-gate and exposed the serious moral problems the U.S. government, sparked a crisis of confidence ethical behavior of civil servants phenomenon, contributed to United States issued a series of civil and moral laws. November 1989 Congress passed the Government Ethics Reform Act, provides for the first time, all government officials uniform standards of ethical conduct; 1991 promulgated the American executive branch employees ethical conduct exercise in gifts, conflicts of interest, terms, etc. many made detailed provisions. 2002, the Federal Bureau of ethics published the Code of Ethical Conduct administrative officials on the behavior of civil servants in more detailed provisions, including government officials, the basic requirements 14, involving employment issues as well as relatives of abuses and rules and other outdoor activities.U.S. civil ethics but also to perform their duties can not be seen as fair and abuse of power, participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge campaign, may make other charitable organizations unfair questions. new balance 420 pas cherParticipation in the civil service may groan benefits, such as visibility, the election will be able to get more votes.Yanda Hospital in Beijing in Hebei Province has become a medical enclave. I hope the same pilot medical services and medical care can be extended as soon as possible to the whole territory of Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin joint development has to make more substantive breakthrough.This year, Beijing, Tianjin and integration has become a hot media, and health care and medical services are more socially integrated Jingjinji keen interest, and was sent to open breach of expectations. While in the national health care and health care system fragmentation background, should take the lead to achieve integration in the local area of ??Beijing, Tianjin and

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